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About us

Formed in 2020 in response to the urgent demand for reliable PPE, we use our expertise in manufacturing insulation solutions for the automotive industry to produce cost-effective PPE to the exacting standards required by those caring for and serving the public in the wake of Covid-19.

Pinnacle PPE manufacture and supply high-quality PPE for the public and professionals in the medical, care, dentistry, ophthalmology, hair and beauty and corporate sectors.

Pinnacle PPE manufacture and supply the following products:

  • Disposable face masks suitable for a variety of uses ranging from personal to surgical
  • Full-face protective visors
  • Disposable plastic aprons, gowns, scrubs and gloves
  • Ear protectors

All Pinnacle PPE’s personal protection equipment is manufactured in our Covid-secure premises to European safety standards in an innovative production process that has adapted protection against air, water, dust and noise in vehicles, to highly effective and comfortable protection for the respiratory system.